Time to revisit our favourite Snow levels.

Winter Veil

Holidays are coming. All the Christmas stuff puts us in the mood of revisiting snowlevels in videogames. Below are a few of our favourites! By far not an extensive list or even a ‘best of’ or ‘Top 10’… just some of the levels we’ll probably be visiting before the holidays are coming to an end.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter (@Press_Quit) know that all this Christmas around us made us want to replay all those lovely winter themed levels in videogames. Even though many, many awesome experiences come to mind, we figured we’d focus a bit on the relatively violence-free levels… We’re not looking for just the cold and chill of winter, but a bit of cheeryness as well… It’s almost Christmas ya know.

Freezeezy Peak – Banjo-Kazooie

As if we needed more reasons to start up one of our favourite classics Banjo-Kazooie. Freezeezy Peak is an obvioud choice when you think of Christmas themed levels in gaming. Not only is the music extremely cheery and Christmassy, you get to actually light a Christmas tree by saving the Twinklies from the Twinkly Munchers! On top of that you get to race a sled, deliver presents to Polarbear cubs and climb a giant snowman. So much Christmas goodness in one level!

Christmas Town

Halloween Town – Kingdom Hearts II

Another obvious choice because of the Christmas theme all around. Based on the movie ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’. You get to walk around with none other then Jack Skellington to save the Christmas in Halloween Town. “What’s this? What’s this? There’s color everywhere. What’s this? There’s white things in the air..” Ok.. now we not only want to play Kingdom Hearts, but also watch the movie again!

Los Santos during winter times – GTAV: Online

Yes we know, we said less violent.. But we’re talking about the city, not the murderous violence that comes from gunning down friend and foe alike on the snowy roads of Los Santos.. Even though the colors do give of a nice extra contrast! Many of our friends didn’t like the two weeks of snowy Los Santos last year, but we’re actually looking forward to it again. The roads are extremely slippery, making the races that much more challeging and the missions just a tad bit harder. And besides all that, it just looks so incredibly beautful!


Winterspring – World of Warcraft

How can we choose Winterspring over Dun Morogh or Storm Peaks? Simple, we just like Winterspring better. The serenity of the surroundings, the goblin town of Everlook, the overly farmed Frostsaber Rock or the increbible Frostwhisper Gorge. All add to the snowy goodness of Winterspring. But next to the snowy parts of the World of Warcraft, you have the Feast of Winter Veil starting this week. Both factions have their own Greatfather Winter (Orc and Dwarf) and the whole world is changed into a jolly happening. Chirstmas lights on the inns, trees in the cities and quests to make even the fiercest of mounts look like a reindeer. For a month, the World of Warcraft is a jolly one indeed.

What worlds or levels do you like to replay with the coming holidays in mind. We would love to hear from you below, on Facebook or on Twitter. We’re off again into our expansive gamecollection, looking for more frosty goodness!

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