PlayStation Plus: Free Games Of May 2017

Playstation Plus

As if last month didn’t go fast enough, it’s may already. And with that, comes the new free games of May 2017 on the PlayStation Network. A somewhat controversial month on PS4, but regardless, many interesting games to play! Let’s have a look;

PS4: Tales from the Borderlands

Starting this month of is the incredible Tales from the Borderlands. This Tell Tales adventure in the style of The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us has been hailed as one of the finest of Tell Tales’ games. Not having had the chance to play it before makes this a very nice free game. Those who’ve already played it are a bit left our though and seeing it’s quite a populair game in the genre, many fans might have already bought it upon release! regardless, we’re pleased to see it reach even more people through the PlayStation Free games of May!

PS4: Alienation Gold-trophy

Here’s the controversial part. Alienation is an amazing game we’re looking forward to play with even more people. It’s an amazing choice for Free game in our opinion. However.. US gamers will be getting Abzû, which would have made an even better option. But let’s not fuss about what we don’t get. From now on, there is no reason not to force your friends to join in the epic co-op experience that is Alienation and our favourite game this month!

PS3: Blood Knights

Upon release this game didn’t receive much praise and now, almost 4 years and a full generation later, it’s unlikely to please many players new to the game. The combat is boring, the controls stiff and the graphics sub-par, even 4 years ago. One thing that might save this game and makes it worthwhile installing is the co-op part and it’s relatively short campaign. With about 3-4 hours of story, this might give you a free evening of couch-co-op fun!

PS3: Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants

Another not so great game for the PlayStation 3. If you are really into the genre and somehow missed out on this game, it could interest you. However, the PC version is by far better and if it were up to us, we’d rather just re-install last years free game Tropico 5 for the PlayStation 4. Time to be a dictator again!

PS Vita: Laser Disco Defenders

Things turn more interesting again with the PS Vita games this month. While not stellar, Laser Disco Defenders is an interesting and well designed game perfect for on the go. Sometimes a bit frustrating after playing it for to long. This game is great for your commute for the next couple of days/weeks. And truly, that is what free games on Vita really are the best for!

PS Vita: Type: Rider

Much like Laser Disco Defenders, the game Type: Rider is an interesting game to play in small bursts. Again, nothing too epic here, but entertaining non-the-less. Playing as two dots, navigating around all the different fonts is an interesting premise worth exploring.

And there you have it, your free games for May 2017. Truly great games on PlayStation 4, nothing worth mentioning on PlayStation 3 and just enough to be happy on PS Vita. All in all we’re not complaining and happy again with what we get this month. Now get to your PlayStation 4, download Alienation and kick some alien ass! (and yes, we might just be talking directly to the people on our PS4 Friendlist here!!)

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