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Twilight Princess HD

On november 12th Nintendo announced the HD-remake of Twilight Princess. What will be new, what will stay and what do we hope will change? Even though we’re not massive fans of remakes, we’re curious to see the new changes Nintendo will make to their 9 year old game. Twilight Princess is an amazing game with only a few minor missteps, but will they change enough to justify a new purchase or are you still better off buying the ‘old’ version on Wii or GameCube?

What will be new?

Not much is said about the new features of Twilight Princess HD. In the announcement Nintendo talks about enhanced graphics. Looking at the footage, it seems only the resolution is scaled up and maybe some higher quality textures. All models look the same as the original. Problem with this is that the environment will probably feel empty a bit compared to more modern games.


Amiibo.. always Amiibo..

We’re not massive fans of Amiibo here at PressQuit. Yeah, we love the figurines and have quite a few of them around the office. Our gripe isn’t so much the figurines, but what they unlock.. or rather, what they lock. Some Amiibo support on games is done really well, like Super Mario Maker, or even Mario Kart 8. For those not in the know, in both games they unlock ingame costumes and in Super Mario Maker all costumes are even unlockable through regulair play.
What we don’t like however, is the support like in Splatoon or Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. In those games, extra content is locked behind an Amiibo figurine. This is nice if you happen to own the Amiibo, but if you don’t, it’s locked behind a € 15,- paywall.
Which support will we get on Twilight Princess HD? We don’t know, but we’re hoping for just some little bonus and not locked content.
Supported Amiibo: Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Sheik and Wolf Link.


The official release is now stated on March 4th 2016. The game will available in a game only as well as a bundle with the Wolf Link Amiibo figurine. Prices are still very different depending on the source. It will however be a game close to full retail price between €40,- and €60,- depending on the place you get it and the version bought.
Nintendo also releases a official soundtrack at the same date. Some places might include this soundtrack as a pre-order bonus. If this points towards a remastered or even a rerecorded soundtrack is not known for now.

To close off all this news surrounding the upcoming release, we’ll imbed the trailer below.
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