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Wildlands Update FI

Ghost Recon Wildlands, Year 2 Update

It's good to see Ubisoft still actively supporting their 'older' games, even during the incredible hype surrounding their recent big release of Far Cry 5.

Playstation Plus

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for March 2018

The rumour mill went wild last few weeks about the promised PlayStation Plus Games for March 2018. Though unconfirmed by SONY, it was supposed to


Nintendo Switch FI

5 Games we want for the Nintendo Switch.

The other day I was talking to my good friend about the Nintendo Switch. Talking about it's possibilities, it's limitations and it's future. Of course,

Legend of Zelda Where to Start FI

Where to start: The Legend of Zelda (3D edition)

Game sequels, they are as common as ever. But with so many iterations of our favourite video game series, where do we start. 'Where to