Worldwide Call of Duty World War II announcement

Call of Duty World War II FI

Earlier this week, Activision and Sledgehammer Games made an official worldwide announcement of the new Call of Duty game; Call of Duty World War II. Bound to release worldwide on November 3rd 2017. As the title suggests, the new release will go back to the franchise roots, World War II.

In their online stream the developers are talking about the action, the weaponry, the multiplayer and even hint at a nazi zombie mode. All in all, the game looks very impressive and the fans reactions seem overall excited. For those who think Call of Duty has gotten a bit too much like Halo can rejoice, the term “boots on the ground combat” seems to be the main message the developers want to get out there. More focus on teamplay, more focus on doing your part as a soldier and significantly less focus on jet-pacs. Because even though the recent few Call of Duty games are by no means bad games, they did manage to show that not EVERYTHING gets better with jet-pacs!

We for one are very excited for this new upcoming Call of Duty. Something we didn’t expected to be in a long time!
All we can do now is hope they make the game both ‘back to their roots’ and fresh at the same time. We certainly are looking forward to get our “boots on the ground” again!

Call of Duty World War II announcement trailer:

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