DOOM Open BETA Weekend (April 15 to 17)


Another weekend, another Open BETA. This time, it’s DOOM’s turn! Bethesda calls their latest reboot a “Brutally fun and challenging shooter” and looking at the trailer we are inclined to agree with them. Like any BETA test, we will have a small selection of what is to come, but with two game modes, two maps, seven weapons and one playable demon it looks enough to keep us entertained for the weekend.

Not only are we totally digging the fast paced action, brutal kills and smooth motion. We’re also amazed at the way the game looks. Having played many, many hours in the original, it’s a joy to see so much recognition of the old in glorious HD and 60 FPS! The models look amazing, the weapons powerful and nostalgic and the gore identical to how it FELT so many years back.

DOOM Open BETA Weekend

Screenshots and trailers can give a nice impression, but without knowing how it feels, it can still be quite difficult to judge if a new game, especially a reboot of an old franchise, is as good as it looks. That is where our luck comes in when it comes to BETA Tests. Being a nicely double edged sword where players can test out the game and see if they would enjoy it, and the developers get to stress-test their servers and see if everything holds up as expected.


Download now, play april 15th

Even though the multiplayer servers will not be up before april 15th, the download is already available. By downloading it now, you can dive right into the action on friday! So there really is no reason to not have a swing at it.
We hope to see you online in the BETA and if you feel the barrel of a shotgun against the back of your head, it might just be us!

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