Our favourite SONY E3 2016 reveals

Sony E3 2016 FI

Last week our Editor Sam had a look at Microsoft’s E3 reveals and today, we have a look at the SONY E3 2016 line-up. What were the big reveals for the PlayStation? Same as last week, of all the amazing reveals, Sam did the hard work to pick the 5 we deem the most interesting.
Again, these are in no particular order. This time, the video’s are from the Official PlayStation Youtube Channel.

God of War

A new God of War is coming, and it’s looking good! It’s announced, as usual, as a PS4 Exclusive. God of War 4 takes us to the world of the Norse Mythology (as all previous games are focused on the Greek Mythology). In this game Kratos has a son and mentors and teaches him to master his gifts. And Kratos has a beard! For now, the release date remains to be announced.


Death Stranding

The beloved Hideo Kojima has announced a new game: Death Stranding. The starring lead is Norman Readus. Whom I love, personally. They show us a naked man in the trailer, surrounded by sea creatures. We see him pick up a crying baby and hold it. I’d really like to see more of this game. As with so many of Kojima’s work, its done when it’s done and the release date seems as big a mystery as the rest of the actual game. The good thing however, is that Kojima did not let the cancelation of P.T. get between him and working with Norman Readus!


The last Guardian

The last Guardian was already announced in 2009 and is finally coming to stores this year. The game is about a man who will narrate us through flashbacks in his youthful days, where he met Trico (the big griffin like animal). Your job is to win Trico’s trust and continue the adventure together. Though this will unlikely be a blockbuster sale, our bet is it’ll be a classic in the making. One of which we will still talk about in 10 years. Release date: 28-10-2016


Spider Man

Well, this looks like a lot of fun! Insomniac Games is working on a Spider-man game for the PS4. The developers confirmed that the game is not based on the upcoming movie. The Peter Parker is a bit older and more experienced in fighting crime. Insomniac Games is known for games like Ratchet & Clank and Spyro! They got the power to make a great Spider Man game, but like Uncle Ben always says: “With great powers, comes great responsibility!”. Letting us down would not only disappoint us in a new Spider Man game, but also a new Insomniac Games title! Release date is to be announced.


Day’s End

Day’s End is a zombie game announced by SONY, finally telling us what SONY’s in-house studio Bend has been working on. The game looks very good, a bit like The Last of Us and one may argue, somewhat of SONY’s answer to the brilliant “State of Decay” on the XBox consoles. They’ve shown us you can’t always run from the horde, but you have to use your surroundings and environment. Again, it’s looking great, so I’ll keep my eye out for this one. Release date is to be announced.


Those were our favourites from the SONY show floor. Hardly covering all goodness from SONY’s E3 2016 announcements, but it does give quite some good reasons to hold on to your PS4 for a few years to come. Did we pick your favourites? or do you think we completely missed the bigger picture? We would love to hear from you and discuss this, and many more things over on our Twitter.

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