PlayStation Plus: Free Games Of September 2017

Playstation Plus

The end of the month is here.. and aside from all the incoming bills, there is also good news: New PlayStation Plus Free Games! Although the line-up isn’t quite as strong as last months, it still has some decent games to look forward too!

No different from other months, the PlayStation 4 is where it’s really at.. again! The PlayStation 3 games for September really are hardly worth mentioning. It’s unlikely anybody who really wants those games, doesn’t already have em since launch. But without further ado, let’s get into the Free PSN games of September 2017!

PS4: inFAMOUS: Second Son Gold-trophy

inFAMOUS used to be one of the top PlayStation exclusive games around. Sadly for the fans, this 2014 released game is also it’s last full instalment! Luckily for the not so big fans, we all get to play it for free now! This game is very highly regarded by critics and fans and probably should not be missed.

PS4: Child of Light

One of the greatest modern 2D RPG’s in a long time. Child of Light is truly worth your time if you are into turn-based games. The graphics look like a painting and all speech is written in rhyme. a truly unique experience.

The Games Of September 2017 will be available on September 5th!
Remember to grab the Free Games Of August 2017 before then!


PS3: Truck Racer

We’re gonna be short on this one as it’s exactly what the title suggests. You race with trucks. If you like that, get it! If not… hell, it’s free..

PS3: Handball 2016

We’re gonna need a Handball player to truly judge this one. If you’re into sports game and want to try out something different from your FIFA’s, NBA’s or NFL’s… it might be worth a try.. .. I guess…

Vita: We Are Doomed

Luckily, we get to finish up with the PS Vita again. The free games for September 2017 are again, pretty hit or miss. We are Doomed is a decent twin-stick shooter for the Vita. It’s pretty difficult (What did you expect? You are Doomed!) but can be quite entertaining, at least in short bursts!

Vita: Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is a incredibly Japanese visual novel / dating sim! You get to date pigeons! Yes! Pigeons! (Told you it was incredibly Japanese!) Aaaaanywayz, it might just be your thing and if it is, there is SO MUCH more like this waiting to be discovered! This free PlayStation Plus game just might be the perfect opportunity to try out a new genre!

And that is the line-up of the games of September 2017. What do you think? We love to hear your opinion on this, and all gaming related topics. Join thousands of games on Twitter! We love to connect!

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