Final Fantasy XV off-road; How the Regalia Type-D changes the game!

Final Fantasy off-road temp FI

As some of you who follow us on Twitter might know, that I am currently pretty sucked into trophies. As such, I go back to many a game I haven’t played in a long time and seriously am enjoying myself. One such game is Final Fantasy XV! Already a great game and for those who enjoy it, a nice game to platinum.

However, With my recent return to the game, I was surprised to find; Final Fantasy XV now has an off-road car! With one of the more recent patches, Square-Enix countered one of the main complaints in the game. Untill patch 1.2 was live, you could only drive on the roads as a normal vehicle.

This never was any problem or even a concern to me personally though. To be honest, you get a chocobo available very early on, and while the chocobo rental period is one of the dumbest things since random encounters, the chocobo is a lot of fun and gives you a lot of speed and freedom.

Enter patch 1.2… Final Fantasy XV Off-Road!

Supposedly as early on as chapter 3 (though I personally haven’t tried this), an off-road version of the Regalia is available! (Regalia Type-D). The Regalia gets an tune-up and some immensely out of proportion wheels. But with that, the ability to drive around pretty much everywhere on the map!

Taking Final Fantasy XV off-road is fun in and of itself, I was surprised and the positive twist it gave the game. Not only are you no longer bound to the roads, but you actually get to feel you get to control your own car. (in stead of the gas-peddle on a mono-rail!)

How well we remember when back in early 2016, Final Fantasy XV was just an announcement! We’re still not disappointed in our anticipation! Final Fantasy XV is a great game, well worth playing!

Getting back to Lucis

Like I said, my main reason for getting back to Final Fantasy XV was that shiny Platinum (Trophy Hunters know! Gold-trophy). My reason however for staying even longer than I should, is the Regalia Type-D! While at first I found it rather bothersome to constantly go from point A to point be for hunts and side-quests, I now seriously enjoy it.

But does the Type-D make Final Fantasy XV a new game? or does it give you a reason to replay the game? Probably not.. But it does give those willing to get back into playing the game just that bit extra and those who never played it, an even better experience!

Hail to the King!

..and with the king we’re talking about the king of JRPG’s; Square-Enix! Hail to Square-Enix for giving us a free update with some great improvements making Final Fantasy XV a game truly worthy of the legendary name!

And if you don’t mind for now, I’m going back to Final Fantasy XV… off-road!

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