PlayStation Plus: Free Games Of August 2017

Playstation Plus

PlayStation just announced the new line-up of the free PlayStation Plus games of August 2017 and to be completely honest, we’re actually quite pleasantly surprised with the the games this month.

As per usual, the PlayStation 4 line-up is the strongest and the PlayStation 3 is sorely lacking behind. Which is actually quite a shame. The PlayStation 3 has a really nice library of stunning games and enough (hidden) gems that lend themselves perfectly as a Free PSN Game.

PlayStation Vita is usually a bit hit or miss, but this month, actually seems rather interesting! Downwell offers an angled view on the Vita, which I personally have never tried. That alone makes we want to have a go at it!
Let’s not waste more time and look at this months games!

PS4: Just Cause 3 Gold-trophy

Starting with a very nice surprise. Just Cause 3! An over-the-top open world game with insane action. Story? Who cares!? I know multiple people who played the game for hours on end, not caring in the slightest for the story. It’s like Skyrim.. with a Hookshot and a hang-glider!

PS4: Assassin’s Creed, Freedom Cry

After the events of Assassin’s Creed IV, Black Flag, Adewale decides to follow his own path into becoming the most bad-ass assassin the series has seen! With his own history rooted in slavery, expect that to take focus in this great stand-alone DLC story on the amazing Black Flag!

Some of the games August 2017 are available on multiple systems. Sadly the press release doesn’t state if we’ll be getting the games on multiple systems. This is usually the case, but this time we just have to wait until August 1st to find out first hand!


PS3: Super Motherload

That brings us to the slightly less interesting games on the PlayStation 3, starting with Super Motherload. While not a bad game at all, it’s just not a reason to go dig up that PS3. It’s entertaining enough, it simply has far better alternatives, like Steamworld Dig.

PS3: Snake Ball

Again, not a reason to dig up your PlayStation 3. But if you have a booze filled evening planned with some friends who are into wacky multiplayer games, it might be worth playing Snakeball. Like Super Motherload however, there are simple better options available!

The Games Of August 2017 will be available on August 1st!
Remember to grab the Free Games Of July 2017 before that!


Vita: Downwell

Downwell was first designed with mobile devices in mind and that is easy to see, even on the Vita. The game is about you falling down a well (what’s in a name) and has mostly vertical gameplay. Neatly, the option is available to turn your Vita for vertical play. Something you don’t see to often on the Vita, making it worth that option alone to check it out.
Regardless of that, the gameplay looks fun and addictive. Time to commute in public transportation again!

Vita: Level 22

The horribly named ‘Level 22’ is actually a fun take on the stealth genre. The setting? Your own office! You have to make sure your co-workers won’t see you while you still have to do your work. Actually, that sounds just like Monday mornings around the PressQuit office. O_O

And that is the line-up of the games of August 2017. What do you think? We love to hear your opinion on this, and all gaming related topics. Join thousands of games on Twitter! We love to connect!

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