Final Fantasy XV Uncovered

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered FI

In a huge spectacle, Square-Enix showed the world they mean business again with their beloved Final Fantasy franchise. The Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event last night in LA has revealed more than anyone could have ever imagined.

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered!

Most importantly is obviously the release date and it is just about what you would expect. September 30th will be the date we all will be running around in the world of Final Fantasy XV. But Square-Enix is banking big on this one with more than enough for us to see, do and await until the release. To keep us all interested in the project and provide us with some interesting backstory, there will be a series of 5 anime shorts about the four main protagonists. The series is called “Brotherhood, Final Fantasy XV”. The first episode is available as of today and the others will be released over the coming months leading up to the release. And the best part, they will all be free!

Full length CGI Film

On top of it all, Square-Enix also promises a full length animated film set in the world of Final Fantasy XV. The film will tells the story of a soldier in the Elite Armed Force called “The Kingsglaive” which will also be the name of the film. If it will be released before, after or at the same time of the game is currently unknown. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy will have some very interesting voices in it. Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, and Sean Bean are confirmed. If Sean Bean’s character will survive the movie is currently unknown.. But we’re not counting on it!

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

There is more to get us excited and entertained for a bit. As of today, everybody will be able to experience Final Fantasy XV in the new demo simply called “Platinum Demo”. It will be a short adventure where you play as young Noctis featuring his incredibly adorable pet Carbuncle. The Demo is about 3.2Gb’s in size, so there really is no excuse to pass on it.. Even if you are not into Final Fantasy!

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