Nintendo releases My Nintendo & Miitomo

Miitomo FI

March 31st is a big day for Nintendo. Releasing both their smartphone app “Miitomo” as well as their new loyalty program called simply “My Nintendo”. Both have been out for about a month now in Japan and thoroughly tested by many enthusiasts in the west. The overall opinion is pretty positive and seeing as it’s a free app, there is no reason for any Nintendo fan to not give it a spin!

As for the My Nintendo loyalty program, it will be the new version of the old Club Nintendo where you can register your software and gain coins in return which you can then use to buy special discounts, free games, themes and many other extra’s. Nintendo stated in the past that the lovely physical presents they used to have in the Club Nintendo store will make a comeback for sure.. We are surely hoping so, as our Club Nintendo Plush Yoshi still needs a friend..
Oh! And don’t forget to pre-register at to get yourself a few free coins to start with upon release!

Check below for a short explanation by The Big N themselves about Miitomo. More coverage will surely follow!

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