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The rumour mill went wild last few weeks about the promised PlayStation Plus Games for March 2018. Though unconfirmed by SONY, it was supposed to be the best set of games since the birth of PlayStation Plus. Last week, Sony announced their full line-up and we were pleasantly surprised! Luckily the wait is over as the new free games should be available right now!

Unlike many months before, the line-up this month contains both promising and interesting titles. Lacking somewhat on PS Vita, but for once, some good love for the PlayStation 3. And even though ‘only’ two are really PlayStation 4 games, five out of the six games on offer can actually be downloaded and played on Sony’s current machine.

Bloodborne (PS4) Gold-trophy

This is the big one. Blood-F’ing-Borne! FromSoftware’s gothic version of Dark Souls. Many gamers never tried any of the Dark Souls games or BloodBorne in fear of them being too difficult for their liking. The option to play one of FromSoftware’s best games for free however makes that excuse quite invalid. I personally severely hate dying in games and generally prefer my games on the easy side, yet I loved all 110 hours I spend in Dark Souls 3. So even if you usually shy away from games like this, give it a try.. at least until Father Gascoigne, before deciding if this game is for you.. Really, it’s praised as one of the best exclusives for a reason.

Ratchet and Clank (PS4) Gold-trophy

This month, we’re bending the rules. We have two Pick of the Month! Ratchet and Clank, yet another brilliant PlayStation exclusive for free. The remake of Insomniac’s 2002 mascot platformer got loads of praise upon release. The graphics look as good as any Pixar movie and the gameplay is fun and addicting, even 15 years after the release of the original. Top that off with a great sense of humour and a cast of funny and likeable characters, and this is yet another game you just have to give a try!

thumb DQBThe free games for March 2018 should give you plenty to play for the whole month. Still looking for some other idea’s?
4 Great Games far to few people actually played


Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3)

Let’s be honest, Legend of Kay wasn’t brilliant to begin with, and the anniversary does little to improve it beyond a graphical upgrade. That being said, it IS a nice little platformer/adventure game and the remake makes it look very pretty. At the very least a good bit of entertainment and with funny characters and an entertaining story. Not nearly as good a Ratchet and Clank, but worth a go if you still have your PlayStation 3 around.

Mighty No. 9 (PS3 & PS4)

Mighty No. 9, 2016’s biggest disappointment. Great expectations followed the insane Kickstarter funding. It was supposed to feel like Megaman all over again. Sadly however, this is not what we got. Good thing is, it’s free this month and you can have a go at it, free of charge! If only to see exactly why it disappointed so many in the first place!
P.S. Why isn’t this on Vita!?

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Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita & PS4)

A 2D Survival Horror game. Upon release it received mixed reception. A creepy game with some nice features and an interesting story. Go in blank and just experience the game and Claire might just surprise and delight you. Just don’t go expecting a 2D Silent Hill 2!

Bombing Busters (PS Vita & PS4)

This one is entirely up to you. It’s a Bomberman clone in every sense of the word. You walk in a grid, place bombs and try not to get killed. Truth be told, it can be quite fun to play, but never reaches Bomberman quality or charm. Then again, this might just be a good way to kill some time when commuting.

And there you have it, the Free games for March 2018. The rumour mill wasn’t wrong. This might just be the best month for PlayStation Plus since it’s inception. Not just two full priced games, but two full priced PlayStation exclusives. The free games for March 2018 show you the power of PlayStation. Here’s to hoping Sony will keep this momentum going. Now off to Yharnam!

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