Top 3 favourite Zones in World of Warcraft

Favourite zones in World of Warcraft

Yesterday, Blizzard asked their followers on Twitter to let them know their top 3 favourite zones in World of Warcraft. Seeing as 140 characters are not even close to the amount I would like to use to convey my opinion properly, I decided to dedicate an article to the matter. So without further ado, here are my personal top 3 favourite zones in the World of Warcraft!

3. Winterspring

One of the most underrated zones in World of Warcraft if you ask me. During the original game (prior to the Burning Crusade expansion) most of the people who walked there we’re insane enough to farm the Winterspring Frostsaber mount. As for the zone, I’m not sure what exactly made it ‘click’ for me. Partly the snow and mountains which intrigue me in every game, partly because of the huuuge gorge which separates the relative safety of ‘mainland’ Winterspring with the demon infested parts on the other side..
(And I’m pretty sure the then neigh unbeatable Ice Giants roaming the gorge helped too!)

2. Stranglethorn Vale

Being a semi- Role Playing World of Warcraft player, I prefer to take my time, enjoy the surroundings and partly make up my own stories. Much like Winterspring, the good memories of this zone mostly stem back to “Vanilla” WoW. Flying wasn’t a thing back then, and for those starting after The Cataclysm, it used to be just one zone containing enemies ranging from lvl20 tigers in the north up to lvl38 all the way to the south near Booty Bay.. The jungle theme, hanging bridges, beautiful landscapes, Troll ruins and the Pirate Pearl of a city at the lower end.. Just thinking of it makes me want to go back there again, just to walk and enjoy the surroundings!
(And the soundtrack of Stranglethorn Vale might just be the most memorable piece of music in the entire game for me personally.)

1. Nagrand (Old and New)

At number one, the most enjoyable area in the game ever since The Burning Crusade expension, only rivalled by the beauty of the re-imagining of the same zone in the latest expansion. Nagrand! I have so many great memories of this place. I remember first seeing it on a friends computer when I was still leveling in a lower leveling area. I’m pretty sure it became the sole reason for getting a higher level just so I could enjoy it myself. In contrast to most people, I LOVED the hunting quests for Nesingwary (same thing goes for Stranglethorn Vale mentioned above..). I fell in love with the looks, the layout, the inhabitants and many interesting characters and quests in the area.. Only to fall even deeper in love with it years later when I first read Christie Golden’s masterpiece novel “Rise of the Horde“.

Next to these three there are so many other beautiful area’s is The World of Warcraft. Just limiting it to (these) three zones is well, limiting. Other zones that spring to mind are The beautiful Dwarven Lake Loch Modan (before Deathwing destroyed it!), Grizzly Hills and Howling Fyords in Northrend, the level 70 high-end raid The Black Temple, the underwater world of Vashj’ir, the Shado-Pan Temple in Kun-Lai Summit and many.. many more..

Same as Blizzard in their tweet, I too am truly interested in your favourite World of Warcraft zones. Please share them in the comments below or let us know on Twitter.

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