The sad state of PlayStation 3 games on PS Plus

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This month, like many before it, saw truly abysmal PlayStation 3 games on PS Plus. Monster Jam Battlegrounds, a bad ‘Trials’ rip-off and Hustle Kings.. a pool simulator. Unless you really are into the genre or monster trucks, hardly worth adding to your library, let alone download to your PlayStation 3.

Many people might have put away their PlayStation 3 or even given it away or sold it. So why bother? Quite possibly exactly what Sony is thinking and rightly so. But still, many, many gamers still own and love their PlayStation 3. And why shouldn’t they? The system has many incredible games well worth playing to this very day.
We would never expect, nor suggest, Sony to put even half of their focus on the PlayStation 3, the system is replaced and the mighty PlayStation 4 is more popular then the PlayStation 3 could ever have been. But that doesn’t mean all attention should be abandoned.

With an incredible library of both full retail games and many, many smaller ‘download games’ there is a plethora of awesomeness to choose from. Games that could even serve into a bigger marketing view of Sony. Examples are most likely in order!

Looking at the past to get excited for the future

We are all very excited for the new Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption 2. Even gamers who never got a chance to enjoy the first Red Dead Redemption are excited. No doubt you already guessed what we’re getting at. The game isn’t selling big number anyway, why not release it as a PlayStation Plus free game? Not only does it raise attention to your upcoming release, but how good would it look? Sure a huge game for free?

And like Red Dead Redemption, there are many more! Not only tied to upcoming sequels, but also from developers who are about to release a new title. Or just a similar genre. With a backlog of games that are most likely hardly selling anyway, there really is no reason not to!

Overlooked gems

Next to the big boys, the PlayStation 3 sported many great smaller titles that are still well worth playing to this very day! Games like the incredible Braid, Limbo or even the PlayStation 1 classics. Though truth be told, the latter might be just a little to much niche to make many people happy.

With the immense backlog of the PlayStation 3, there really should be no excuse to not make the free PlayStation Plus games stand out each and every month. Though unlikely, we’re still hoping for some real classics to show up on PS Plus for PlayStation 3. Especially now that we found out that we can use the vastly superior DualShock 4 to play those games!

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