Nintendo Selects 5 titles for their Nintendo Selects series

Nintendo Selects FI

This week, 5 Nintendo games enter the already amazing “Nintendo Selects” line-up. Games that will be available for less than half the price of a regular game. Though many dedicated Nintendo fans have probably already played some of them, it’s a nice way to get the ones you missed for cheap.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

After the amazingly successful revival of Donkey Kong series with Donkey Kong Country Returns, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo would follow up that success. And they did, with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Upping the resolution to glorious HD and getting rid of the motion controls, this is the best Donkey Kong game since the original trilogy on the SNES.

LEGO City Undercover

With LEGO City Undercover, Nintendo scored an exclusive LEGO parody gem. The open world is full of things to discover, LEGO studs to collect and streets to race. All while retaining a kid-friendly environment that, due to subtle, and not so subtle pop-culture references is enjoyable for young and old alike. Though not a system-seller on itself, definitely a must play if you already own the system!

New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi Bros U

Not much has to be said about this one. After the success of the first “New-series” Mario game on the DS, many iterations followed. This is the latest of those follow-ups. It’s highly debated which one is the best, but if you’re looking for a precise 2D platform game, you can’t go wrong with New Super Mario Bros U. On top of that, you get the amazingly challenging New Super Luigi Bros with the game, adding twice the amount of levels and trice the amount of challenge!

The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker HD

Not only one of the best games on the Nintendo WiiU, but among the best games ever made. And the HD re-release is the best way to play this classic. If you are into adventure, exploration and great puzzle design, this is a game you should not have missed in the first place. Don’t let the ‘Kiddy looks’ fool you, this is one of the best and most epic of Link’s adventures!

Wii Party U

Probably the weakest game of the bunch, but if you are into party games and have a few friends around who share that opinion, it might just be interesting enough to have a go. Making great use of all the different features of the WiiU, this Mini Game driven virtual boardgame could give you dozens of hours of multiplayer fun! 

There you have it, 5 new budget titles, 4 of them indisputably fun and 1 that might just be… 
Are you going to add any of them to your game library? And if so, which one(s)? Though most of the WiiU playerbase probably already played their first pick when it first released, this price cut is a nice incentive to pick up the title(s) you might have missed! 

Editor in Chief Björn will be getting his hands on LEGO City Undercover as soon as he spots one of the remaining original boxes (sucks being a collector!), but when he does, he ‘s surely gonna share his experiences on our Twitter account. So be sure to follow and let us know your opinion on all things gaming!!

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