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You know that feeling, when you just want to talk about a game? or.. any six games? Yeah, we understand! Sometimes, context is not needed, or even desired! In this returning article, we’ll let you do just that! Talk about any six games.. really, any! Your favourite game? Your most hated game? Most nostalgic, underrated, overrated, bizarre, epic or just meh, game!

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I’ll be kicking it off myself.. here are my: Any Six Games!

Dragon Quest Builders

If you’ve read our review you can tell that I really enjoyed this game a lot and think a lot more people should be playing it. It’s not perfect, but doesn’t need to be! Even though I never played any Dragon Quest game for long, I love it’s charm and the gameplay is incredibly fun. I can recommend this game to pretty much everybody who looks at a screenshot of it and thinks “Hmm, interesting..” Really looking forward to the already announced sequel!

Metal Gear Solid 3, Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid 3
One of my top 3 favourite games of all time! Big Boss is a champ only surpassed by The Boss herself! I pretty much own all versions and except for the Xbox360 version have finished them all. Even Platinumed it on PlayStation 3! (if the nasty 720p glitch wouldn’t have cheated me out of the “Snake Eye’s” Trophy!) It slowly starting to show it’s age and the gameplay on The Phantom Pain is arguably better.. but the story and pacing of this third instalment is simply epic!

Unlimited Saga

Back in the day I really looked forward to this game! The graphics looked amazing! Sadly, I played it for about 2 hours and decided it was a horrible game! Paid full price for it too! It’s still a proud part of my collection as my most epically failed purchase! Never to be repeated again!

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Flex
Yup, I’m one of those gamers! Damn how I love WoW! Been playing it on and off for years now and still regularly enjoy it. Sad thing is, most of my (RL) friends moved on and World of Warcraft’s biggest strength really is the social aspect! That, and the powerful Orc’s! For the Horde! (though I main an Alliance Female Pandaren Warrior) /flex

Super Mario Odyssey

All I have seen and heard of this tells me it’s one hell of an amazing game. I’m a huge fan of the Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine games! So Super Mario Odyssey will no doubt be right up my alley! Later this year, when I have a bit more time for it though, I’ll let you know exactly what I think of it! And I’m already really looking forward to it!

Chicken Riot

I decided to randomly pick any game from my 800+ collection. Can’t think of a damn thing to say about Chicken Riot. I think it’s a Wii ‘lightgun game’. Picked it up for 25 cents 4 years ago with the intention to someday play it for giggles. Still haven’t. Maybe I should.. or not.. probably best not to!

And there you have it.. just, any six games! Looking forward to seeing just any six games from other people! If you care to share any, please let us know and maybe we’ll publish your #AnySixGames next week! If you can’t wait to share, Leave a comment below or use #AnySixGames on Twitter (tag us in the Tweet) and we’ll retweet! (Though would you really want just 140 characters for your Six Games?)

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