PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April 2017

Playstation Plus

The start of a new month means new free games for those with PlayStation Plus. featuring a whopping 4 games for PlayStation 4 this month. More than enough to give it a look and justify your monthly PlayStation Plus subscription. As per usual, we’ll have a look by system, starting off with the main attraction, the PlayStation 4!


PlayStation 4

– Drawn To DeathGold-trophy
Without a doubt, the main attraction is the new game, Drawn to Death. This stylish arena-based shooter shows incredible creativity in both art style as well and execution and gameplay mechanics. Have a look at the trailer video shown below. Among the games this month, by far the most visually appealing!

– Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
A whole different game is Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. This cooperative game forces you to work together with a friend (or a AI cat or dog) to complete tasks in a multifunctional spaceship. There are 7 different stations in the ship, and only two of you. Best to play this together on a couch with your favourite drink for some guaranteed laughs!


PlayStation 3

– Invizimals: the Lost Kingdom
If the PlayStation 3 game is half as charming as it’s PlayStation Vita counterpart, you are in for a treat. Though possibly more interesting for the younger demographic, this might well give any player with an open mind to a creative monster-catching game an interesting time.

– Alien Rage: Extended Edition
Regarless of how much you are into aliens and the shooting of such, Alien Rage is probably best left in your library for a time less packed with opportunities to play proper shooters. Boring story, bad controls and a boring mix of meh and bleh makes this game most likely not worth checking. (Feel free to let us know on Twitter if you did like this game, we’d love to hear from you)


PlayStation Vita

– 10 Second Ninja
an addictive little game where each level gives you exactly 10 seconds to kill everything on screen with ninja like precision. (Yeah, the name is pretty descriptive) The short arcade action challenges make this a good candidate to play on the mighty PlayStation Vita, but for those without Sony’s handheld blessing, it’s also available to download and play on your PS4!

– Curses ‘n Chaos
Another great coop game. Curses ‘n Choas uses an amazing 8-bit graphic style where you (and a friend) are pitted agains waves of enemies and the occasional epic bossfight. Even though the graphic style makes this another perfect fit for the Vita, the cooperative aspect makes it a great fit on your PlayStation for. Thank the heavens for Crossbuy. (buy in this case being free!)

And there you have it, another nice line-up for PlayStation Plus. Which games are your favourite, or do you look forward to play the most? Let us know in the comment section below or drop up a note on Twitter!


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