PlayStation Plus: Free Games of November

Playstation Plus

The new Playstation Plus games are out again today, and what a month it is. Sony shows us how the service should be every month! As most of us are used to by now, every month starts with the surprise of what ‘free’ games we will be getting. This month does not disappoint as Sony offers us not only awesome games for the PlayStation 4, but even better on PlayStation 3.


Nov PS4

Magicka 2

I hope you have some friends on your playlist who are up to some chaotic multiplayer fun. Even though this may not be the best coop experience you’ll get on PlayStation 4, it should be able to keep you entertained for quite a bit and give you and your crew something else to do then mindless destruction in yet another mission in GTA Online.

The Walking Dead. Season 2

The true beauty on PlayStation 4 this month though, is The Walking Dead Season 2. If you haven’t played Season 1 yet, you really should. Not only is it better then Season 2, it’s also the base of it’s story. It earned many awards upon release and showed the world that an Indie game can blow many of it’s big budget competitors out of the park! Even though Season 2 isn’t as good as Season 1, it’s still an awesome game and one that should earn your attention!


Nov PS3

Mass Effect 2

Released over 5 years ago, Mass Effect 2 is still worth a visit. Many fans think this is the best of the trilogy. Which in our opinion isn’t saying much, as the whole trilogy is amazing. If you haven’t played the first part, you might wanna revisit it, but a small synopsis on google or youtube should get you up to speed on the story. (Even though skipping the first part is robbing yourself of an awesome experience!)

Beyond Good and Evil Gold-trophy

PressQuit Pick of the Month. Ubisoft released this gem for the first time in 2003. The remake however originates from 2003. This game is shamelessly under-appreciated. Even though this is not as epic as Mass Effect 2, and lacks the amazing story of Telltales Walking Dead series, this is not one to skip. It is an easy story, fun and simple gameplay in a world that has been begging for a sequel for well over 10 years now. The first few scenes might put a modern gamer off for a bit, but after only a short while you will enjoy the world, it’s characters and the story. We’re looking forward to returning to the planet of Hillys and reuniting with Jade and Uncle Pey’j.


Nov Vita

Dragon Fin Soup

As per usual, the PSVita is the odd one out, yet again. However, we do get a brand new strategy RPG for free on it this month. If you prefer it a little bigger and more stationary, you can also download it for the PlayStation 4. We usually prefer to play games like this on the go though. The jury is still out on if the game is any good and sadly, we don’t know this yet either. Going in blind for once isn’t such a bad thing however. Especially considering the game is totally free if you have PlayStation Plus.


Like Dragon Fin Soup, we’re not really all that familiar with this PlayStation Vita title. The game uses Augmented Reality using the internal camera to show the room around you with the InviZimals in it. We’re probablyy won’t be putting much time in this game, but we’re told that this should be pretty enjoyable for the younger gamers and the PokéMon addicts willing to tread on unfamiliar ground.

What is your favourite freely this month and do you agree with our Pick of the Month. We would love to hear from you in the comment section.


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