3 awesome ways to spend just €10,- on the Nintendo eShop Sale!

Nintendo eShop Sale FI

Because the Nintendo eShop and Virtual Console are currently celebrating their 5 year anniversary, Nintendo gave us some incredible sales on some very amazing games! No longer are only the niche or ‘meh’ games on sale, but this Nintendo eShop Sale is bringing out the big boys!

In stead of just listing them, we decided to tally up 3 clusters of the best and found a way to spend less than €10,- to have some amazing games on your 3DS or WiiU system. Now remember, there is absolutely no need to buy any of these in a set, and you can just pick and match to your own liking. We just believe this to be an amazing ways to not only get great games, but also have a nice set of matching games. So without further ado, let’s start out with our favourite picks on 3DS!

Zelda history in your pocket!

If you never played any of the handheld Zelda games, this is a no-brainer really. And if you did, and want to replay them in the best way possible, this should be your chance to not only get the best quality, but also the best price.
– The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: €2,99
– The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: €2,99
– The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: €2,99
– Honorable mention: The Legend of Zelda: €2,49

If they are all new to you, you might be best of to play Link’s Awakening first. Once you finish that amazing game, you can go to the slightly less, but still incredible Oracle games. Not the classic like the original Legend of Zelda or Link’s Awakening, but both equally enjoyable and after you finish them both, you even get an extra ‘true’ ending to the Oracle games.

Fun fact: The Oracle games, made by CAPCOM, can actually be played in which-ever order you prefer. After finishing the second game, you can use a code to gain access to the secret, true ending.
Also worth noting, is that Ages is slightly more combat focussed and Seasons slightly more on puzzle solving!


You can never have enough Super Mario

Still sticking to the Nintendo 3DS, there are a host of Super Mario titles. One even better than the next, even though everybody has their favourite, nobody can truly argue any of the main series is by any stretch bad!
– Super Mario Bros: €2,49
– Super Mario Bros 2: €2,49
– Super Mario Bros 3: €2,49
– Honorable mention: “Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins”: €1,99

The whole Super Mario Bros series from the NES on your handheld for less than €10,- is a deal no retrogamer can truly resist. But even if you mainly play current games, this is hardly a deal you can pass on. Each entry only costing €2,49 is not only a reason to replay them (again), but to simply just own them!
Do note, that the Honorable mention boasts a monochrome GameBoy resolution. Even though this is in no way a bad thing, it might take some getting used to. Regardless, 6 Golden Coins is an amazing game every Mario-fan should have played!


Going a bit bigger… The WiiU

For the Nintendo fans owning a WiiU, it’s no surprise there are quite a few very, very good games on the system! These retro games will compliment your already amazing library with some older classics! and the best thing is, they all still hold up great even to this day!
– The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: €4,99
– The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: €3,99
– Any of the many, many good games for €3,99 or €4,99

Yeah, we cheated a bit with this one, as the total reached over €10,- but they are well worth it. Arguably the best Zelda games in the series, A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time should not be missed! (Truly, I cannot overstate this enough!). But next to that, are so many good choices! Earthbound, Super Mario 64, F-Zero, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong 64, Super Metroid. All incredible choices for a temporarily low price. (Even though many are definitely worth full price)
Sorry to let you down, but this is a choice you have to make on your own!

We at PressQuit have spend quite a lot of money to get our digital Nintendo library filled with many Nintendo goodness during this Nintendo eShop Sale! We would love to hear what you (would have) picked and like to keep up to date on your progress via Twitter. We share many of our experiences on our account and would love to have you hang around and share our love for not only Nintendo, but gaming in general!

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