PlayStation Plus: Free Games Of July 2017

Playstation Plus

With the month of June drawing to a close, it’s time to get ready for the new and exciting free games on PlayStation Network. Be sure to download last months games, because on the 4th of July, the whole world get to celebrate.. the new PlayStation Plus Free Games of July 2017!

PS4: Until Dawn

It’s pretty difficult to not give this one our ‘Pick of the Month’ trophy. This is one of those games that many, many players loved. Sadly, even more people missed out on it. This, in our humble opinion, makes it a perfect PlayStation Plus Free Game! You best start believing in ghost stories.. you’re in one!
(oh wait, wrong ghost story)

PS4: Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series Gold-trophy

THIS is the best way to wait for July 16th. You know, the start of Game of Thrones season 7!
Like many Telltale games before and after, you play through an intricate tale when any and all your actions and words can drastically change how the story goes. Not the best of the Tell Tale games, but with the upcoming new season of Game of Thrones, more relevant than ever. On top of that, it is well worth a play regardless of the series.
(Just be sure to watch up to and including season 4 before playing the game to avoid spoilers!)

PS4: That’s You

This month we get to enjoy 3 dedicated PS4 games. “That’s You” is a party game utilising a smartphone or tablet. Play this friend-quiz game with up to 6 players. How fun it will turn out will remain to be seen, but if you have an upcoming party, this might just be the key to making it a night to remember.

PS3: Tokyo Jungle

Time to get your PlayStation 3 out from underneath where-ever you hid it. Tokyo Jungle is an animal survival game set in post apocalyptic Tokyo (go figure). Play as different animals trying to stay alive in a savagely overgrown Tokyo jungle. Not only worth a play, well worth digging up your PS3 for.
(and clean out your closet while your at it!)

PS3: Darkstalkers Resurrection

Darkstalkers Resurrection is a collection of 2 older Darkstalkers games. Both well received, and so was Resurrection at the time of release. If this will be worth your time is probably best judged by yourself. If you are into fighting games, have a look at some gameplay video’s on Youtube and if you like the style, give it a go. It’s free, remember.

PS Vita: Don’t Die Mr Robot (Cross-buy with PS4)

Probably best played on your PlayStation Vita during commutes. Nothing all to mind blowing in and of itself, but it might just kill you some time while you’re in public transit on your way home!
(Where at home you go ditch your Vita and play Game of Thrones or Until Dawn!)

PS Vita: Element4l

Probably a better commute killer is Element4l. You play as an unstable element that can change state at will. This allows you to go through levels with physics based puzzles and reach the end. Fun (and a tad bit frustrating) on itself, but particularly shiny in race-mode. Trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible.

And there you have it. The PlayStation Plus Free Games of July 2017! As if the summer doesn’t already make it hard enough to enjoy all the games we want. Juggling between Steam Summer Sales, Free PlayStation Games and, here’s a wild one; going outside and enjoy the weather! #GamersLoveSunToo
What about it? Will you be playing any of the free games? All of em? Which one are you most excited about? Let us know on Twitter.

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