Super Mario Maker’s 3rd free update!

Super Mario Maker

Tomorrow it’s been exactly 6 months since the release of Super Mario Maker. Today Nintendo celebrates by releasing their third free update! This time adding 6 new features. Even though both the Key Doors and the new Pink Coins will add quite a lot of creative ways to look at the creation tool and are clearly the superior addition to the game. We are most excited about the Spike Pillars. Probably nostalgia speaking though.

Respect to @Nintendo for their continued support for the game. We think it is not only commercially a smart choice for Nintendo, but also one that greatly pleases their biggest and most devoted fans! Let’s hope it’s a trent Nintendo will keep up and it will be a key strategy for their next system, codenamed the Nintendo NX.

Below is Nintendo’s excelently crafted movie to show you exactly what is new! We’ve had Super Mario Maker on the shelf for some time, but this new update gives us a good reason to get creative on our WiiU again!


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