Starter Tips for Tom Clancy’s The Division

The Division Tips FI

The Division is finally out! We’re looking into some tips to get you safely started! and we’re doing so without any spoilers to the game!

Know your ammo count

If you have your main weapon equipped, you can see how many bullets are left in your secondary weapon but not it’s total. If for instance, you are rocking a 8 shell shotgun and the figure says “5”, you know you should reload your secondary then next time there are no enemies around. (Red blinking means it’s almost empty.. regardless of clip size)

Play how you like

All weapons types have their own specific playing style. With a Marksman rifle you need to take careful aim and are better off in the back. The shotgun or SMG on the other hand forces you to the foreground to be effective. No style is better per se and all have their place on the battlefield. Be sure to try them all out and stick with what you like best. A preferred weapon type trumps raw stats.

The Division Pistol

Equip your secondary to cover the weak points of your main weapon

Unlike your main weapon, which you should take what you like to play best, it is advisable to have your secondary weapon compliment the first. Rock a sniper rifle in your main, you may be best of with an SMG in your secondary for some sweet and accurate close to midrange action. Have an assault in your main? Grab a Shotgun for those tight corners.. you get the drill..

Love your sidearm

Speaking of weapons, love your tertiary weapon. You handgun is always there, has infinite ammo and can be a lifesaver if you run out of ammo or need to reload while in immediate danger. Better get used to it while you can, than find yourself wanting when you need to!

ProTip: You can also ‘Run’ on ladders
(pressing the run button lets you climb faster)


Defence first, offence second

Enough about the weapons, let’s talk tactics. Sometimes the best defence is a good offence.. but more often then not, you are better off taking your time and waiting for the enemies to come to the place where you have the tactical advance! Take care of yourself and then take care of the threats.

Cover to cover

This being a cover-based shooter, you are better off sticking to cover. By sticking to cover you minimise your profile and are usually relatively safe while not shooting. When it’s time to move, don’t get up and run. Use the in game cover-to-cover mechanic to minimise your time exposed to enemy fire.

The Division Cover

Flank whenever possible

If you are in a team, be sure to use flanking techniques by having 1 or 2 team members shoot from the front, and the others from a covered position on the side. This way the enemies will have very little space to hide and victory should be swift. Watch out however, as some teams of enemies might try to do the same to you.

ProTip: Communicate! Let your team members know what you’re going to do and ask them to help you if needed! Communication is 50% of the execution!


Don’t get greedy

Killed an enemy and see a sweet item drop? We know the green, blue or heaven-forbid orange lightbeam is mighty tempting, but there really is no need to rush to it. Clear the room and make sure all threats are taking care of before running headlong into the room. Relax, the item won’t respawn and is only visible to you!

Dress the part.

Last and most important thing.. .. Dress the part! If High School has taught us anything, it’s that nobody is going to like you if you just wear regular old cloths. There are vanity slots for a reason.. So make sure you look bad ass when you do what you do best..

But most of all, enjoy yourself. It’s a game played for fun. Hope to see you online!

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