Nintendo adds more Classics to the eShop!

StarFox 64

Nintendo adds yet another classic to their Virtual Console roster. This week they will make Starfox 64 available in the eShop.

Starfox 64, or Lylat Wars as it was called in Europe, was released in 1997 (that is almost 20 years ago!) for the Nintendo 64. Believed by many fans to be the best Starfox game ever made. It has a Metascore of 88 on with a UserScore of 8.9.

It’ll be €9,99 (£8,99) but up until April 21 you get 50% off making this timeless game yours for only €4.99 (£4.49).
Definitely worth it if you’re into the genre and one hell of a trip down memory lane if you played the original so many years ago.

Speaking of classics;
Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 will be added to the New 3DS eShop as well. (with a temporary discount if you buy both)

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