Nintendo Confirms: Super Nintendo Mini

Super Nintendo Mini

At the moment of writing, the news is just moments old. Nintendo confirms what we all have been thinking and hoping. The Super Nintendo Mini.
The Super Nintendo Mini will include 21 games (details below) and have 2 controllers packed in. No need to hunt down that second controller this time! That is ofcourse, if you’ll be able to get your hands on a SNES Mini.

The release of the NES Mini was, as far as we’re concerned, the start of a bad trend still unbroken. A huge shortage of available consoles. We expect the Super Nintendo to be more attractive, not only banking on nostalgia, and thus in even higher demand. Take your chances if you will, we’ve got our SNES Mini already pre-ordered!

Super Nintendo Mini 2

Back to the games! The Super Nintendo Mini will have 21 games available. 20 by default, and one, the never before released Starfox 2, as an unlockable. Strangely enough however, the official press release states: “The Super Nintendo Mini offers 21 games by default…”. Could this be hinting at a download, or even a cartridge function? or is it merely wishful thinking? Only time will tell..

Speaking of time:

The Super Nintendo Mini will release in Europe on September 29th!

And for the games; here is a full list of available games. Many of them pure gems and true classics of the time and ALL of them, very well worth your time!

· Contra III: The Alien Wars
· Donkey Kong Country™
· EarthBound™
· Final Fantasy III
· Kirby™ Super Star
· Kirby’s Dream Course™
· The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™
· Mega Man® X
· Secret of Mana
· Star Fox™
· Star Fox™ 2
· Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
· Super Castlevania IV ™
· Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts®
· Super Mario Kart™
· Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™
· Super Mario World™
· Super Metroid™
· Super Punch-Out!!™
· Yoshi’s Island™

Price is rumoured at $80,- US. Which usually translates to between €75,- and €85,- in mainland Europe and about £65,-ish. Note however, these prices are not confirmed by Nintendo at the time of writing.

Super Nintendo Mini on PressQuit

In the upcoming weeks towards the (quickly nearing) release of the Super Nintendo Mini, we’ll be sure to add additional content about the system and the games right here on and on our Twitter channel. So be sure to follow us on Twitter if you don’t already and check back on the website regularly. We hope you’re as excited as us, because:
Soon you’ll be playing with power.. SUPER power!

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