Videogames as entertainment

Games as Entertainment FI

​If you’re reading this article, chances are pretty good you enjoy playing videogames every now and then. Whether it’s an MMO, competitive online games, retrogames, the newest releases or any combination of them. Gaming is fun, gaming is good and gaming is entertainment! But what if you start feeling obligated to play them?

But I’m busy.. playing games!

At the moment, I am relatively busy. Not at all to complain, I love the way my life is at the moment, but it leaves less time to play all the games I would really want to. Currently I am playing 3 games for review and have 1 still waiting to start. Next to that I’m trying to enjoy Assassin’s Creed Origins and possibly review that too. Add to that my current Resto Shaman PvP addiction in World of Warcraft, the newly bought Dragon’s Dogma and the ambition to pick up some casual Overwatch play and I’m sure you see my dillema.

The good thing about this all is that I have more than enough games to play. It does however show that I feel some ‘obligation’ to play through some games. Aside from the semi-obligatory need to play through the review games, there is this sense of ‘backlog guilt’ and the feeling you ‘need’ to play through a game properly before you can put it aside.

Videogames as Entertainment

This last is also a weird feeling where you feel like you ‘need’ to play. Even though I do really, really enjoy Assassin’s Creed Origins, there is this feeling. “If only I would finish the main story, then I can move on to Dragon’s Dogma”. And with that, I do like to state again that I am truly enjoying Origins and part of me wants it to last for many, many more hours.

It is this conflicting love that keeps pulling me back and forth in my enjoyment in playing games. Especially the longer games. If I have only an hour or so to play games, I much rather play a few games of Overwatch, some Battlegrounds in WoW or even just go off and watch a series.

Silver lining

In the end, we all play videogames as entertainment. But where does entertainment stop, and a sense of obligation start? For me peronally, it’s an easy line to define. If I’m having fun, it’s good. If I ‘struggle’ to reach a goal, it’s still a matter if I have fun. Progression, and ‘working’ towards a goal can be immensely fun too! The silver lining in this all however; I have loads of games to play and am enjoying them all! While there can definately be to much of a good thing, this is difficult to reach with a hobby as gaming.

For now however, I’m back off for another match in Overwatch, followed by a few battlegrounds in World of Warcraft. and after that, maybe some more Assassin’s Creed or Dragon’s Dogma, because let’s face it.. sleep is overrated!

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