PlayStation Experience 2017; a short overview

PlayStation Experience 2017 FI

So.. Playstation Experience 2017 was here.. and though it wasn’t all that interesting, it was quite amusing. And for all the people with serious regrets out there, Shawn Layden (President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America) stated Sony has been working on a possibility to change your username. Even when he wasn’t clear about when this should go live, he said they wanted to do this within a year. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Naughty Dog

One of the highlights were the Naugthy Dog panels. When they started about the 10 year Uncharted anniversary, we felt this could be a show filler. They’ve given us a lot at Paris Game Week and a day before PSX started, we had the Game Awards. It was more than just a show filler and even we didn’t get anything “new”. We did get some closure, not for just the characters, but the actors too.

The Last of Us panel must have been really hard for Neil Druckmann (Naughty Dog), dodging questions like bullets. So, little spoilers, but they did confirm it’s (partly) going be in Seattle. He also stated the game is 50-60 percent ready, so 2019 is very likely. But mr. Druckmann promised we’d get some more footage on E3 2018.

Oh, and make sure you listen to Troy and Ashleys duet too.


Other news is ofcourse PlayStation VR. Wipeout: Omega collection is coming to PSVR, including new ships and other features. Also, The Last Guardian fans are going to get a VR experience with Trico, available now. This short 15 minute demo is all about solving puzzles with Trico by your side.

Creepy as f*ck

Personally, I’d love to try this with friends: The Forest. The Forest is a survival horror game, which was already on Steam Early Access. Inconveniently enough, you not only survive a plane crash, you also crash in an area filled with with cannibals and other creepy f*ckers.

“Every action has a consequence”

“Remember that every action has a consequence” Guillaume de Fondaumière (Quantic Dream) said, after showing off the very first scene of the new game: Detroit: Become Human. The hostage scene was very intriguing and catchy. Producer de Guillaume played it with the public and showed us the interesting choices you get to make during this game. It looks to be a very interesting game with new and fresh mechanics.

Can Kojima be even more weird?

The new Death Stranding footage is… weird… It looked amazing, and we’re not quite sure what to make of it, but then again probably none of us do. Hideo Kojima said that the 8 minute footage we saw was also playable. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. And if you figure out what is going on and why there are so many baby’s, please let us know.


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