5 Games we want for the Nintendo Switch.

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The other day I was talking to my good friend about the Nintendo Switch. Talking about it’s possibilities, it’s limitations and it’s future. Of course, we talked Zelda, we talked Mario.. but soon, less likely games started entering the conversation. This got me thinking; What are the 5 things I want most to happen on the Nintendo Switch? Some are actually announced and some will likely never happen.. but hey.. a man can dream right?

Mario Party

Let’s start with a game that might actually happen someday. Mario Party! So far, Nintendo announced only a 3DS version, but with the Nintendo Switch doing so well, why not make a Mario party for the Nintendo Switch? Of course, this version of Mario Party should absolutely feature an online mode! A Mario Party game on Switch would also fit very nice with Nintendo’s growing interest in offering paid DLC and Season passes. Coupled with the ability of the Switch to be played everywhere and sleep mode.. yes.. please!

Zelda Unity

The Legend of Zelda Remake

Also, pretty likely to happen, a Zelda remake, though nobody can guess in what way, shape or form. My personal preference? The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in full 1080p, 60 fps and possibly an added dungeon! But what about a remake of the original NES game in the Breath of the Wild engine? Sure, that would need some serious creative thinking, but you can leave that up to Nintendo!
Probably less likely and (much) less desired; the recent WiiU remakes of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. The WiiU versions are amazing on it’s own.. but again, add to that the portability of the Switch, a reason for many fans to experience these classics again!

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TimeSplitters 4

Those of us who’ve been playing games for quite some time now might remember the amazing TimeSplitters series! My personal favourite; TimeSplitters 2. Nintendo will never be able to take a worthwhile share of the big Call of Duty or Battlefield pie. But TimeSplitters? An amazing shooter well on par with the big boys, but with an incredible style of it’s own. A style, in my humble opinion, more fitting towards the Nintendo style of games. A remake would be nice, a reboot interesting, but a fully-fledged sequel… hell, F’ ing, yes!

World of Warcraft Flex

World of Warcraft

Feel the divide… Those who never played World of Warcraft, or don’t care for it, would probably call it insane to even mention. Those who did play it, or even still play it, would call it genius! The need to be online would somewhat undermine the handheld play on the go, but being able to play WoW everywhere in the house and on console would be more than amazing. Sure, no need to limit a console release to the Switch, a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release would also be great, but Switch.. better.
Blizzard did show that they can do incredibly well on console with Diablo 3 (which would be amazing on Switch too), so why not go all out and port World of Warcraft to the Switch!?

Then again… do we really need World of Warcraft to be even more addictive? 😉

Virtual Console

Back to reality.. This IS going to happen. But when Nintendo… when!? Hoping for the WiiU treatment of being able to ‘upgrade’ our earlier purchases for only a few bucks. This has to happen… and has to happen soon!
A small step into unlikely territory again; the NES Mini and SNES Mini games on Switch would be great too! A bit of a double sell for many gamers who bought the mini console, but then again, Nintendo never shied away from that before.

… and that’s it. The 5 games we want on Nintendo Switch! What did you think of this? and what are your dreams for Nintendo’s amazing home/handheld hybrid? There is so much yet to come, and so much to continue to dream about! Nintendo delivered an amazing new console at the start of this year and we for one, are far from done with it!

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