The Different Roles in The Division

The Division Roles FI

Tom Clancy’s The Division offers a lot of customisation. Not only do different weapons offer different strategies, but all different skills and talents add quite a bit of customisation. After countless of hours roaming the streets of virtual New York, we’ve tried many, many different set-ups both in single play as in a closely cooperating team. Here are our favourite set-ups, their pro’s, their cons and how to utilise them to their fullest.

The Allrounder
Weapons: Assault Rifle & Shotgun (High DMG)
Most important stats: Any and all
Rocking a nice all rounded weapon as a main weapon. The Assault Rifle generally has very decent range and accuracy while still having enough power and capacity to suppress and kill enemies at shorter ranges. A nice addition to the Assault Rifle is the Shotgun, preferably with a high damage output per shot! This generally means a smaller clip and slower reload, but as your main strength is your Assault Rifle, you only need your shotgun for close quarters and emergencies.
Pro’s: Great all round capabilities, self-reliant, versatile.
Con’s: No specific strengths

The Chaser
Weapons: Shotgun (Big clip!) & Submachine Gun (Fast, big clip)
Most important stats: Health
Want to go a bit more hands on and don’t mind blood on your shirt? Then the Chaser might be the role for you. Donning a shotgun makes you an incredibly big threat in close quarters. you need to get up close to the enemy to inflict the most potential damage. This throws you into the thick of the fight where you need to be able to take a bit of a punch. (hence, the the need for high health). The SMG is effective at mid to close range so should serve you well as you approach the enemies. Make sure both weapons have enough ammo in the clips and reloads are well timed as an empty clip can be devastating at the wrong moments!
Pro’s: ‘High Risk – High Reward’ gameplay makes for intense fights. High Damage output.
Con’s: High Risk means you are also more likely to die often.

The Sniper
Weapons: Sniper Rifle (Slow) & Assault Rifle (Fast)
Most Important stats: Firepower
On the other end of the spectrum is The Sniper. You take care and caution before any engagement and stay in the back end of the fights picking off stray targets foolish enough to peek over cover at the wrong moment. As you take your time and make sure every shot counts, there is no need for big clips and fast reloads. One shot should be enough so all you need is a high-power sniper rifle and time to line up your shots. In order to do just that you need to make sure your primairy stat is Firepower for maximum damage potential and high power on your rifle. In case shit does hit the fan, you have your Assault Rifle (or possibly a SMG) as a back-up while you reposition and bring the hurt anew from another location.
Pro’s: Incredibly high damage potential.
Con’s: Highly dependable on teammates, Little options in case of emergencies.

The Suppressor
Weapons: Light Machinegun (Massive clip, slow RPM) & Assault Rifle (Big clip, slow RPM)
Most Important stats: Electronics
This role only truly shines when complimenting a diverse team of the roles defined above. The sole purpose of this role is to suppress the enemies (hence the name) forcing them to hide and generally making it difficult for the enemy to deploy any form of tactics. In order to do this properly, your best bet is a massive clip size and preferably a decently loaded secondary to switch to in case you need to provide suppressive fire and your initial clip is empty. Using skills like the Turret to make sure you put as many rounds down range as possible. This might not be the flashiest role to play, but it sure as hell gives your team a massive edge when trying to execute complicated tactics!
Pro’s: Offer immense support to your team. No need to be a great marksman.
Con’s: Can be boring. Not much use during solo play.

There are many different options and possibilities. Some might be a mix of the above, some be totally different. All of them having different pro’s and con’s, uses and options. Try them all, mess around, combine them and spread the word. We love to hear what you think of our defined roles.`

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