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A little later than we usually do, but we didn’t want to fully keep the new free games on PS Plus this month from you as there is actually quite a few games to like this month. As per usual, the PlayStation 3 line-up isn’t much to be joyous about, but the PlayStation 4 and to some extent the PlayStation Vita well make up for the loss. We’re not gonna keep you from it any longer; let’s have a look at the free games for October 2017 on PlayStation Plus!

PS4: Amnesia: Collection

I am a giant chicken, I do not handle this genre very well. So when I played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I lasted about seven minutes. I felt so helpless. You can only run and/or hide and there is no way to defend yourself. The Dark Descent is about you waking up without your memory, surprise, in a creepy castle. Also included are: A Machine for Pigs (in a horror house, trying to save your kiddos) and Justine (survive horrific trials). Don’t play this one alone.

PS4: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gold-trophy

Yes! This is a big one, and a true masterpiece. It’s a gorgeous game where you can spend hours stealthing around with a buddy or just go solo (gotta love DD). When on a mission or side-op, there are so many ways to get the job done. MGSV allows you to use all your creativity in deciding what your approach is going to be, which is massively addictive. MGSV is easily the best stealth oriented game to date.

thumb DQBWhere to Start: The Metal Gear Solid series!
Wondering if Metal Gear Solid V, The Phantom Pain is a good entry into the series? We got you covered on this, and any other questions as in what order to play the amazing Metal Gear Solid Series!


PS3: Monster Jam Battlegrounds

Again, the PlayStation 3 got some sub-par free games this month. To start off, Monster Jam Battlegrounds. A game much like Traail’s Fusion, but with Monster Trucks. If you like monster trucks and/or are really bored; it’s free..

PS3: Hustle Kings

And next up is Hustle Kings… again nothing great. It’s a pool game. You can play pool. So, if you don’t like monster trucks and/or are really bored; it’s free..

Once again, the free games for October 2017 does not contain anything worth mentioning on PlayStation 3. Why Sony doesn’t provide us with some better games is totally beyond me. The PlayStation 3 truly has a library to back up a thing like free monthly PS-Plus games. It has the hidden gems that just sit there and far to many have missed. It has the known PSN games that made everybody happy years back. On top of that, it has many, many great full games that are dirt-cheap anyway! Why not ‘give’ it to us for free next month? A totally missed chance, even IF the PlayStation 3 playerbase is shrinking every month.

thumb DQBSpeaking of missed chances and games people missed somehow. We did an amazing piece on games you should not miss out on:
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Vita: Hue

This 2D platform game is about exploring a colourless and dangerous land, trying to find your mother. This leads to a broad variety of puzzles and while unlocking colours back into the world. With an overall great reception, we once again have a gems added to our PS Vita library for free this month!
For those of you who do not own a PS Vita, You can also download and play Hue on PS4.

Vita: Sky Force Anniversary

I’ve only had a very short time with Sky Force, but from what I’ve seen it could be one hell of an addiction. Also for free on PS3 and PS4, there is no reason not to play this topdown airship shooter! It reminds me a bit of Pop ‘n’Twinbee on the SNES and if it’s half as good as that, I’ll be hooked for sure!

And that is the line-up of the games for October 2017. What is your take on the games this month? Do you still have your PlayStation 3 lying around just hoping for a nice free gem to appear on PS-Plus some day? Join us and thousands of other gamers on Twitter! We love to connect!

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