Funny Miitomo Greetings

Funny Miitomo Greetings

Last week Nintendo launched their first Mobile App in the west called Miitomo. Not so much a game as a social application closely tied to your MyNintendo account. But even though it is not strictly a game, there is no reason not to have some fun with Miitomo. You can answer the many, many questions in Miitomo, but if you want to leave a lasting impression on your friends, you might want to create some Funny Miitomo greetings. Below, we provide some idea’s… Feel free to use em on your account. No need to give us credits.. (Though a share on social media never hurt anyone, did it?!)

Where do I change my greetings in Miitomo?

For those not knowing, here is a quick and simple ‘guide’ on where to change your greetings. If you know this already, there really is no reason to continue reading this paragraph and you might as well skip to the rest of this article..
Let’s get started. Provided you went through all steps of setting up your Miitomo App, you should have a menu line at the bottom of your main screen. Press the “Menu” button and then select the “Greetings” option. Here you can see, edit and preview your personal greetings. (See, that wasn’t so hard was it?)

Funny Miitomo greetings

When somebody comes over to visit you:

Enter: Welcome to [Insert name]’s happy fun house.
Leave: Come back soon.. **Giggles**

Enter: Welcome, that’ll be €2,50 please!
Leave: You know, a tip never killed anybody..

Also funny… Take off all of your Mii’s clothes (or just their pants) and have the following welcome message:
Enter: “Oh my God! Please knock the next time you enter!”
Leave: “You.. didn’t see anything… .. r’right?”

Enter: Don’t mind the mess, it doesn’t bite!
Leave: I think some of it is stuck on your pants…

Enter: Aah, I see the Assassin’s failed again?
Leave: Why don;t you go have a good nights rest!

Funny Miitomo greetings

When you’re going out to visit somebody else:

Enter: Get Down! SWAT TEAM entering!
Leave: Stay out of trouble!

Enter: This is the NMPD! Get down!
Leave: Don’t do drugs kids!

Don’t know how to visit somebody? Just go to your friendlist and just tab their name.
This allows you to visit their home’s and see their (funny) greetings.. (they should have locked the door!)

Enter: Coffee please.. Black, no sugar.
Leave: Next time I could use a cookie!

Enter: Can I have a slice of cake please?
Leave: The Cake is a lie…

If anything, Miitomo is yet another place to show off your creativity and a place to have some fun. On top of that, it’s tied to your MyNintendo account which gives you just a little bit more interaction with the new Loyalty Plan from Nintendo.
Have you seen, or maybe though up, any funny Miitomo greetings? Feel free to share them below or with us on Twitter.
(Speaking of Twitter, if you follow us on Twitter you can also befriend us in Miitomo, we would be very happy to see your answers!)
See you around..

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