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Games come out at an increasing rate these days. This makes it harder and harder to never completely miss out on a any of the new games. Even ‘objectively’ amazing games sometimes go completely under the radar due to poor release date planning. (Recent example is Rise of the Tomb Raider on XB1.) Sometimes this is a true shame resulting in far to many people completely missing out on great games! The result of bad marketing or a poorly chosen release window. Here are 4 great games that got far to little attention on and after their release:

Dragon Quest Builders

dragon quest builders

Many people saw this title and simply thought it to be yet another MineCraft clone. And even though it plays much the same, putting it off for that reason is selling it short. Dragon Quest Builders is a great and innovative game combining the adventure of a Zelda game, the charm of a Dragon Quest game and the building engine of MineCraft. Building of the idea’s of other games instead of simply copying it. Dragon Quest Builders comes together as an amazing videogame well worth your time and money!


thumb DQBDragon Quest Builders Review by Björn Jekel
Not to long we did a full review on Dragon Quest Builders. Needlessly to say we’re pretty positive about the game as a whole. Though it does have some minor flaws.


Dragon’s Dogma

Dragons Dogma

Released 5 years ago on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this amazing but flawed open world adventure is one worth taking. What makes this game so great is not so much the story or setting, but the gameplay. Quickly after starting your adventure, you get to choose a class. Like many games before it, your options are Fighter, Mage and Ranger. You’re locked into this role for a few hours until you reach the first major city. There the gameplay fully opens up and gives you full access to 9 vastly different classes with vastely different strengths and playstyles. A giant open world, many vast dungeons and caves to explore and a day a night cycle that actually changes the way you play. Even though there are quite a few flaws that keep Dragon’s Dogma from being a perfect game, it has enough sustence and incredibe gameplay to warrent having a look.

Last month marked 5 years since it’s original release. To celebrate this, Capcom re-released Dragon’s Dogma on PS4. Though we haven’t had a chance to properly review it, the pricetag of €25,- is not a bad startingpoint for this port.


Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life on Nintendo 3DS just has to be one of my favourite ‘hidden gems’ of the past few years. This gem is as much an adventure game as a ‘life sim’. Nothing like The Sims or the likes, but more closely to an offline MMORPG minus the tedious grind. Like Dragon’s Dogma, you start off by choosing a class to start with, only to have them all open up not much later in the game. Unlike Dragon’s Dogma however, the 9 classes are not all combat classes. Sure, the Fighter, Mage, Hunter trio is there, but you can also opt to be a Cook, or a Tailor. Having played over 50 hours of Fantasy Life as a Paladin and Blacksmith, I have no idea how you could come even close to finishing the game maining a Cook or Tailor class, but developer Level 5 claims it to not only be possible, but enjoyable as well. (Someday this will justify a 2nd playthrough for me!)
Even though the story focusses a bit to much on the young player and the textboxes sometimes seem endlessly long, this game is a true handheld gem due to it’s fun gameplay hook and mechanics.

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity 3

Those who follow us on Twitter know that I recently discovered Disney Infinity and love it to absolute bits! The first Disney Infinity game I played was the Twilight Republic Set for Disney Infinity 3.0. About 4-6 hours later, I finished the main story and was completely hooked. Luckily, I also got my hands on Rise of the Empire (Original Trilogy) and Force Awakened Play Sets. Both played remarkably different, but equally enjoyable as the Twilight of the Republic Play Set. The initial release price of €60,-ish for just the (underwhelming) Toy Box and a single (4-6 hour) Play Set is rather steep, true. and we’re not even counting the €15-ish for each additional character. Luckily, time managed to severely lower that price for us which made it possible to enjoy what are some of the most entertaining Star Wars games out there. Sadly Disney no longer supports the online features of the game and you actually need to buy the figures in order to play with them ingame.

However you see it, I had a great time playing through the games and on top of that now have an amazing collection of Star Wars and Disney figurines!

And that was it, 4 games that got far less attention then they deserved. Have you played them? Or have you played any other games that deserved far more attention then they got? Let us know below or follow us on Twitter. We love to get in contact and discuss this, and many other game related topics!

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