Pokken Tournament Demo available!

Pokken Tournament

Not only is the new PokéMon fighting game out as of today, the free demo is also available for download on the Nintendo WiiU eShop! An interesting combination of PokéMon and Tekken, fans of either series should give it a shot. Fans of both should probably skip the demo altogether and rush to the store to buy the full game from the start.

Obviously the best way to see if you like it, would be to download the demo. and since there are no costs involved there is little reason not to. If you however are unlucky enough to not have a WiiU near you (right now), have a look at the trailer below to get yourself excited.

Overall the reviews are pretty positive, so the only real decision should be if you are into either the source material or the type of game. We’re anxious to see how Pokken Tournament will hold up in the competitive scene. It might not be the next Smash Bros, but it sure as hell has potential!

If anything, this game has massive potential to add characters in the future. Which PokéMon would you like to see added to the Pokken Tournament in the future?

If you want to look into the people behind the team have a look at our editor's page.